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Commercial covers or postal history is mail that has been posted for a specific purpose & was not done so intentionally for the purpose of stamp collecting. Ideally the correct rate for size & weight of an envelope or parcel is important in order to exemplify historical accuracy. In the hobby you will often see mail over-franked, typically by philatelists who want an example of a certain issue on a cover. Certain rates posted at certain times can be very scarce just as the usage of certain issues can be as well. Documenting these small subtle changes are just a few tiny aspects of the hobby and by this standard it may seem a little boring to most people.

However , letters have been carried by stage coach, trains, aviators, seamen, balloons & even pigeons. In cover collecting you can not only watch but you can connect & immerse yourself in some of the greatest feats & failures in human history. Whether it's Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic, the Hindenburg exploding over New Jersey or the Battalion your grandfather served in. They can all be traced back in one form or another to postal history. Commercial covers are artifacts that can substantiate that events occurred which is what researching history is really all about.